Here Comes Trouble - Rebellion The Recaller, Jugglerz, DJ Ovaproof May 19th, 2017 @ 11:00 PM

Freund & Kupferstecher (Map)
Fritz-Elsas Str 60
Stuttgart, 70174

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Jugglerz Reggae Radio presents

Reggae & Dancehall Fi Yuh!

(The Gambia)

(Jugglerz Records)

Young Jugglerz
(DJ Cutlass & DJ Smo)

DJ Ovaproof
(Special Guest from UK)

Door: 11pm
Tickets: 10 Eur VVK
12 Eur AK
18+, Valid I.d. required,
EXTRA Security on the Dancefloor!

Reggae Music is mystic!
Rebellion The Recaller is one of the greatest musicians of this Generation. His voice is heard all over the world and he speaks for the common people. For years he has carried his message into the world. When he comes to Stuttgart it is always very special for the Gambian musician who lives in Hamburg, City.

Kingseyes is not only one of the hottest voices in Lovers' Rock Reggae. He also blazes up a storm with his uptempo Dancehall Songs. The Stuttgart Massive knows that he will rock any crowd with his stellar performances of his huge catalogue.

The Hottest Sound
The Jugglerz Sound family is growing steadily. The young team is stepping up their game in 2017. DJ Smo and DJ Cutlass are developing a unique chemistry: The performance is on point, the selection up to date, the mixing flawless and the vibez uppp!!

Ouf the UK, this young Selecta with a Jamaican Heritage counts as one of the hottest DJs in the UK's juggling scene. Being responsible for booking Jugglerz Shows in UK, it is the first time for the English team to party in Germany.

We love our Events. And we love the peacefulness and friendliness in our events. That is why we put an extra Security guard on the dancefloor so no unfriendly behaviour can take place. Most importantly, we Partypeople need to work together: when you are the victim or see a crime or a molestation please report it immediately to the security, the bar staff or the DJs. All criminal actions will be reported to the police and the person will get a lifetime ban of all Jugglerz events. Also please use the "GARDEROBE" for your belongings and don't show any valuables openly. Only with a raised awareness and by working together, we can keep the free liveliness and vitality of our Reggae and Dancehall Parties!